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Andrew Jaimez

Andrew has been drumming professionally since he was 9 years old playing Tex mex and early 70s fusion with the family band. He studied music at the University of Kansas before moving around the country and ending up in Los Angeles. Andrew has played and or recorded with many different projects: Fear, Barney Kessel, Mose Allison, Evelyn "Champagne" King, The Breeders, Slapbak, Reeves Gabrels, Osee Anderson, Brides of Funkenstein, Tierra and a few more. He has played on many jingles, TV shows and movies: The theme song to the Gary Shandling Show, Family Matters, and the movie Run Fat Boy Run are a few. He has also produced tracks for Harpo productions and various artists. He is the owner and engineer/drummer of The Compound where he is available for studio work and lessons.

Andrew Jaimez | Owner, Professional Drummer and Sound Engineer.
The Compound

The Compound Recording Studio provides a space where musicians can record live.  The studio is an organic natural working space capturing the musics live vibrant energy.  Many of our clientele are working professionals able to use our efficient and unique space to maximize their output.  We provide a studio conveniently located without the elevated Los Angeles studio market price allowing easy access as opposed to having to drive to the Inland Empire. The Compunds rate and facilities keep satisfaction at a forefront ensuring a consistent returning business .

    The Compound looks forward to working with you.




Reeves Gabrels                           
Alex Wurman                               

The Brides of Funkenstein        
Los Duran                                        
Dig Lewis
The Breeders
Blue Dread
P Bass Jones
Carl Johnson
Marcus Shaw
Luis Oliart
Jumpin Jack Benny
The Devil

Alone Together

Jon Valliere

Jon Dalton


Christine Kempski

Maurice Christian

Hybrid Citizen

Summit Worship Band

David Salas.........

The Compound East Los Angeles Main Room and Drum Set.
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